No more endless charts and annoying e-mails

We have simple tools to connect your nonprofit organization with the community.

From managing contacts and tracking donations to organizing events and sending newsletters, CiviCatalyst is there so that you can dedicate yourself to your mission.

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You want to change the world, not waste time with messy lists and non-functional tools. CiviCatalyst is like a Swiss Army knife; its multipurpose nature does your organization’s work for you.

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Do more with one centralized platform that incorporates several tools.

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Dedicate your time to essential things: fundraising, projects, and your mission.

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We are available for training, advising, and adapting the platform to your needs.


CiviCatalyst is the first CRM platform in the Serbian language for nonprofit organizations. It is completely flexible and adaptable to your needs.

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Your entire community, team, members, volunteers, and donors are in one easily searchable place.

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Monitor relationships with donors along with the frequency and number of donations to plan for better fundraising.

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An easy system for planning and organizing all types of events and online registration of participants.

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Communicating with your community through modern newsletters has never been easier.

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Communicating, updating, and managing membership doesn't have to take much time.

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Create visualized reports with data that you input.

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of nonprofits use CRM platforms to make their goals more manageable. According to a Software Advice survey, 98% of those surveyed say that the CRM platform has significantly improved their work.

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The CiviCatalyst platform is used by numerous organizations in the region, including ORCA, Civic Initiatives, NURDOR, The Divac Foundation, Liceulice, EU INFO Center, the Romanian Federation of Community Foundations, the Tuzla Community Foundation and ACT.

Thanks to or team’s contributions, CiviCatalyst became an official CiviCRM partner. The development and implementation of our tools are supported by a global, nonprofit CRM community.

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Want to talk more about how CiviCatalyst is the right option for you?


Fondacija Katalist | Takovska 38/23, Beograd

+381 11 405 7511

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