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CiviCatalyst's functionalities are built on the experiences of nonprofit organizations in the region, which enables better management of the organization.
About one hundred organizations from the region use CiviCRM in their daily work. This system facilitates their everyday activities at work.



The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization that supports the development of civil society in Kosovo. KCSF uses a CiviCRM-based grant management platform to award small and urgent grants. The grant applications are submitted online in Albanian, English or Serbian and the applicants' information is saved for easier future submissions. The process is streamlined for both users and evaluators who review the applications online with a system in place for automated follow-ups on grant activities. This integrated approach has provided the grantmaker the needed transparency and accountability and freed up time wasted on paperwork for essential nonprofit work.



Implemented by Helvetas Serbia and Civic Initiatives, the ACT Project uses the functionality of grant management. The data they collect during the grant application and reporting process enables them to communicate transparently and efficiently about resource spending, who the grantors are, and for what purposes grants were received. The grant application, evaluation, monitoring, and evaluation of grantors are online, which allows the ACT team to focus more on program activities and less on administration.

Gradjanske inicijative

Civic Initiatives

Civic Initiatives use the CiviCatalyst instance for many project activities, primarily for the Resource Center, which includes the activities of several partners that are recorded in the system. All training, virtual workshops, open doors, mentoring processes, and evaluations are recorded in the CRM instance. It is easy to extract detailed reports on activities, the success of the workshops/trainers, and the project itself. Additionally, Civic Initiatives use the CiviCatalyst instance for the Civic Education program in cooperation with teachers.


TACSO 3 Project

TACSO 3 is a project that inherited many contacts of individuals and organizations from previous phases of the project, so it was a big challenge to update and organize the database before importing it into CRM. We created a form that automatically uploaded information that TACSO 3 already had about organizations. Then, emails were sent to each organization to allow them to update their data. That is how TACSO 3 updated its existing contact database. In addition, TACSO 3 uses CiviCatalyst to organize events on its website and for promotional purposes by sending regular newsletters.

EU za tebe

EU INFO Center

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have organized over two hundred events and sent over two hundred newsletters with information and event reminders, all with the help of CiviCatalyst EU Info Center. For each event, they create a list of participants and send them news about similar activities. In this way, strategic targeting of the audience is provided. When organizing live events, the EUIC has the option of using a QR code to register attendees.

Divac fondacija

The Divac Foundation

The Divac Foundation uses several functionalities offered by CRM. CRM has the most significant role in promoting events by sending newsletters, registering for events, and sending automated reminders before the event starts. The Divac Foundation is an excellent example of using CRM to promote activities through an extensive contact base. Additionally, the Divac Foundation uses software to manage donations and record transaction activities donated to their programs. This functionality makes it easier for them to review finances and report information to donors and the public


Romanian Federation of Community Foundations

The Romanian Federation of Community Foundations consists of several foundations that provide grants to local informal groups through different calls. Eleven of them use the instance for publishing calls, applications, and evaluation processes. Some foundations use the platform to send newsletters and promote their activities, organize events, and promote open calls



LICEULICE uses the CiviCatalyst instance to promote activities, new issues, and its online shop. Newsletter subscriptions are automatically linked to CRM. All requests are grouped in one place in the database, from where it is possible to manage contacts easily. In that way, it is easy to follow the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Fondacija tuzlanske zajednice

Tuzla Community Foundation

This organization uses CiviCatalyst to track donations daily. CRM allows them to create reports for event attendance and how much money has been raised for different purposes (campaigns). In that way, it is possible to follow the cities that are "the most generous" and identify which months experience the most prominent peak of giving. All reports can be visualized and published, leading to greater transparency and more detailed data review and activity plans.

Šansa za roditeljstvo

Šansa za roditeljstvo

Šansa za Roditeljstvo is an excellent example of an organization using CiviCatalyst to manage membership. They handle many contacts by using a centralized system for keeping records of membership fees, new applications, and approvals for membership benefits to users of the association's services. Every payment on the site is recorded in the system. Thank-you notes are automatically generated, and membership cards are sent to users. Šansa za Roditeljstvo is an example of building a community around organizations and how CRM can facilitate communication and collaboration with members.

Jelena Šantic fondacija

The Jelena Santic Foundation

The Jelena Santic Foundation communicates daily with its grantors. It provides them with constant support in implementing projects, which are approved through the programs they implement. This foundation keeps records of all grantors who have gone through the programs. Because of this, they can extract simple reports on the progress and fulfillment of the grant. CRM allows them to store all their data in a secure online place.



CIVICUS is a large international organization. In 2019, CIVICUS collaborated with Civic Initiatives to organize the International Civil Society Week in Belgrade, which brought together over 700 civil society leaders from across the world. The entire process of registration, payment, and confirmation of attendance was realized through the CiviCatalyst system. That made it possible to easily communicate with participants and create simple newsletters with information about the event sent to participants. It also allowed for participants to create their own profiles detailing their needs/wishes and other important information during the trip.



NURDOR is a humanitarian organization that uses CRM to keep records of all payments and donations received to their account. CRM allows them to have all the data in one place and extract reports of contributions from different periods of the week, month, or year. It is easy for them to transparently publish data on their website, where you can find a list of all transactions. Additionally, NURDOR has a record of its donors, to whom it can send thank-you notes or reminders for donation payments.



ORCA is an organization dedicated to animal welfare. It has a large base of like-minded contacts with whom it conducts program activities. They keep supporters informed about updates by sending a newsletter. ORCA also organizes events and keeps records of the applications and interests of its participants. This data allows them to better target their audience for each type of event.

Share fondacija

The SHARE Foundation

The SHARE Foundation is an organization dedicated to protecting human rights in the digital environment. It uses CRM as a mechanism for managing user data, which is in line with GDPR. The foundation uses a newsletter to invite people to sign petitions and participate in crowdfunding campaigns that they organize.



The National Organization for Rare Diseases of Serbia is an organization whose employees use CRM to keep records of their members and the daily phone calls they receive from supporters. When an individual fills in data, all the information is recorded in the system. The system automatically notifies the social worker that they need to react.

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