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We are Catalyst Balkans, a regional foundation whose mission is focused on the philanthropic sector's digital transformation. The service we offer is based on open-source software called CiviCRM. By choosing this service, you are improving the efficiency of your own organization and supporting the digital transformation of other organizations.

Thus far, we have cooperated with numerous domestic and foreign organizations. Here, you can see how they use CRM and the positive experiences they’ve had with it.

CiviCRM is free software that any organization can use. What we charge is the time to set up and install the system on your server.

Each client is particular, and each implementation has unique challenges, so it is impossible to determine the cost of introducing a CRM system in advance. However, we give you a few common scenarios below.

The price of CRM implementation does not depend on the functionalities that are being used; the price depends on the time required for the system to be implemented and maintained as well as the time required for employees to be trained to manage the platform.

In each scenario, hosting (the space where your CRM instance is located) is charged. Depending on the number of contacts the client has in the database or how often emails are sent, hosting will have a different price.

Hosting can vary depending on the required functionality, the volume of communication, and the amount of data stored in the system.

Hosting Price

The most affordable version of hosting is shared hosting, which is when your instance is located on shared hosting.

99 euros * (allows for a limited number of emails sent per day/hour and limited space.) - It is most suitable for small organizations.
350 euros is ideal for organizations that want a regular and reliable newsletter distributed to thousands of contacts.
550+ euros allows the user to choose the host country and hardware capacity. The need to store a more significant amount of data allows fast delivery to many addresses, multiple visits simultaneously, and other advantages.

*Terms of Use apply


This segment includes everything, from importing data that the organization must adapt to the primary system of users (inserting additional fields, defining connections, and workflow). There are numerous functionalities that CiviCRM implements through extensions. In cooperation with the client, we define these needs and work on implementing and expanding existing solutions.

Training and Support

Once the system is set up, we offer training services needed by employees to adequately use the system. The client can choose the type of training and its frequency. The client can also select the option of fully delegating all CRM services to Catalyst employees or the possibility of completely independent use of CRM software without purchasing additional support.


Depending on these parameters, the service we provide can range from 99 euros to tens of thousands of euros. The client decides what they want.

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